Where the Guinea Pigs Get Whistles

Mighty Purdy Pigs hits the world wide web!

Welcome to my website, "open for business" on February 24, 2008 .   While the website is new to me,  raising cavies for show is not:  Mighty Purdy Pigs was established in 1980 in Poughkeepsie, NY and has been in continuous operation since, moving to Raleigh, NC in 1984 and to Western NC in 1995.

 I chose the forest scene because this is exactly where I might be - hiking or on horseback - when I am not doing some activity that revolves around my cavies, aka, guinea pigs.  I have included a photo page for other furry family members, because I think they are also mighty purdyI admit to getting carried away with the Darcy pictures! 

Husband Mike is very important, but not furry enough to appear in my photos.   He puts the Purdy in Mighty Purdy Pigs!

It is a rare week when I do not have cavies for sale.  There may or may not be photos posted of these animals, but please don't hesitate to make an inquiry.  I maintain a waiting list,  if the breed/variety/sex of cavy you seek is not available at the moment.

 Thanks   for stopping by!




Breeds:  American,  American Satin

Varieties: Red, Golden Agouti,  Chocolate,  Black,  Dilute Agouti

Pedigrees -  yes, for show and breeding animals and for pets, by request

("Showable," "Show quality," "breeding" -  contact me for definition! )

Prices - Pets: $20-$25;  Show/Breeding: $25-$50.  Deposit required to hold animals.

Location - Western NC     (Sorry No Shipping)

Delivery - available to shows I attend and possibly to several cities that I frequent. 

Contact - e-mail link below

Memberships in: 

        American Rabbit Breeders Association

        American Cavy Breeders Association

        Mid-Atlantic Cavy Breeders Association

       North Carolina Cavy Breeders Association, Secretary/Treasurer

       Southern Pride Rabbit & Cavy Club 





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